Advertising materials logistics at ztv

ztv has specialised in customers from the advertising materials sector. For their advertising materials logistics, these customers take advantage of the three business segments: fulfilment, promotional logistics and transport. The particular feature of this business is the variety of products that have to be stored. Anything is possible from a ballpoint pen to illuminated advertising cubes for mounting on roofs.

Fulfilment in advertising materials logistics


ztv has one of the largest lottery companies in Germany as its customer in the field of fulfilment for advertising materials logistics. Yearly more than 100,000 parcels are packed and delivered by express courier services. Order picking happens weekly from a wide range of hundreds of different articles that we store for our customer.

As another example the fulfilment including links to several closed shops for a leading global company should be given. For this customer, we store more than 1,000 different promotional articles. From the experience gained from these and other reference projects, ztv has established itself as a specialist in the field of advertising materials logistics.

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We store advertising materials of various sizes and turnover rates which are assigned to the appropriate manual storage areas and pallet spaces. Our manual storage areas are intended for small parts items that are frequently ordered, packaged and dispatched. Pallet spaces are used for larger items and articles with a slower turnover rate and serve as replenishment storage for the manual storage areas.

We regularly dispatch advertising materials all over the world to over 70 different countries, undertaking for our customers the entire management of the export process, including the preparation of customs documentation.


Promotional logistics for the advertising materials sector

For our customers in the advertising materials sector promotional logistics is also an important line of business. With the help of our packaging systems, standardised or individual product ranges are assembled, packaged and finished to customer specification, including free gifts for customers, product launches or for seasonal events. Finishing can involve attaching stickers and pennants, tying bows on packages or the folding and bagging of personalised messages.

ztv has in the field of promotional logistics a Germany-wide known newspaper as its customer. Here, hundreds of thousands of postcards are affixed to newspapers in a very short time period at night. To process this high volume, the appropriate manpower needs to be made available by ztv.

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